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Discuss travel with friends!

We used to have three forums, but since May 1st, 2017 we only kept the most active one which is about Cayo Largo.

This forum is open to the general public (registration required only if you want to write a message) and the purpose is to share your travel stories, to discuss new developments, to setup a meeting at Cayo Largo with friends or simply to discuss about anything. You're all welcome!

In May 1st, 2017, we closed (and removed content) the forum about the « Cayos de Villa Clara » (Cayo Santa Maria, Ensenachos and Las Brujas) due to a lack of interest. There are so many source of information on the web with the Socials Media.

Click to access our forum : Cayo Largo, Cuba

Version 3.2.1 (last script update: August 2017)

However, for those who want remember the « good old days », we kept the original version (in perl, read-only) of our two bulletin boards: Cayo Largo (online in Dec. 2000) and Cayo Santa Maria (online in August 2002).

Here is the history ...

Perl version
(2000 @ 2004)


Version 2
(2004 @ 2008)


Version 3
(2008 @ )