Cayo Santa Maria - Catamatan cruise

This excursion is done everyday with a minimum of 4 persons. A naturist cruise is possible if everyone is OK with this. We did this excursion in January 2002 and December 2002. The first time we were 10, our companions: Lyne & Gilbert, Marie & Denis, Jean-Marc, Karen, Bernard and Jean-François, plus our nice guide Raul who was calling us his little chickens! :-). In December we were only 6, our companions: Jasmine & Burt, Sylvie & Michel. In December it was not the same catamaran as the first time in January, and the excursion was not guided.

Price: $57USD each for Adults, $45USD each for Children (December 2002)

Gaviota Tours

Program of the day:
(January 2002)

  • We left the hotel at 09h00 to go to Cayo Las Brujas (10 min. from CSM).
  • Visit of the small hotel Las Bujas and its Belvedere where Raul told us the amazing legend of this Island of the witches. (Note: this visit was not included in December 2002)
  • This is where we get aboard a brand new catamaran for a cruise around the surrondings islets. We passed near the San Pasqual, a large ship which ran aground a long time ago. It was then used to store molasses and was later converted to a small 8-rooms hotel, which is now closed.
  • We continue our cruise and then... SURPRISE! We are escorted by dolphins who follow the catamaran on each side and enjoy passing in front of it again and again while jumping outside the water. WHAT A MAGNIFICENT SPECTACLE! They stayed with us a few minutes. We were very fortunate!
    Here's a video clip of the dolphins and Playa Megano (4.0 MB)
  • Then we did our first stop for snorkeling (or swiming) near a small islet. The water was shallow, we had to take care not to get scratched on the corals. I think almost everyone returned with a little scratch. Raul was saying that his chickens were broken! :-)
  • We then accosted on a gorgeous and secluded beach at the end of Playa Megano (on Cayo Ensenachos). We enjoyed the beach and had lunch. At the menu: a grilled filet of fish, tender and delicious! In december the fish was accompanied by a generous lobsters salad. Chicken is also avalaible upon request.
  • We continue our cruise, and again our friends the dolphins payed us a visit! It was the first time when we could see dolphins in the wild from so close!
  • We stopped again for snorkeling or swim.
  • Back to Cayo Las Brujas
  • Back at the hotel around 16h00

    It was a splendid day!

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