Cayo Santa Maria - Forest Adventure Tour
(As known before as Jungle Tour or Rambo Tour)

For the adventurers and nature lovers!

We made this excursion on January 24, 2002. It is a one-day excursion in the mountains of one of the most beautiful national parks of the country. This excursion is a little bit "athletic", it's suggested for those who want to loosen some muscles. Good walking shoes are recommanded because the trekking is of difficulty "easy" to "medium" with some small challenges. The walking part is approximately 3 hours at a slow beat with several stops.

Gaviota Tours Cost: $63 US for adults, $52 US for children.
We were 18.
Our guides were Luis and Lazaro

Program of day :

  • Departure from the hotel at 7h00AM (the buffet was not opened yet but sandwiches and drinks were served in the bus).
  • The bus ride up to the Sierra Escambray lasts 3 hours. The landscape is interesting, we crossed the Cuban countryside and the villages of Caibarien, Remedios, Camajuani, Santa Clara (we by-passed it), Matagua, Manicaragua and finally Jibacoa, a village in the montains. This is where we embark in the "Russian limousine" which will bring us to the Guanayara Park.
  • The ride in this old army truck is in our opinion the toughest part, it's pretty shaky! Our guide Luis was telling us that is was an excellent butt massage! :-)
  • We then begin our jungle trek with Lazaro our environmentalist guide who shows us the various varieties of plants and trees.
  • Arrival at a beautiful waterfalls for a few minutes rest. It's here that the group is divided: route 1 or 2. The people taking route 1 continue trekking with Luis on the jungle trails, people taking route 2 go down by the river with Lazaro. For those who prefer the "wet" route, it's preferable to bring shoes to go in the water (like windsurfing board shoe or linen shoe) to walk on the rocks in the river. Both options are fun, the question is to know if one wants to get wet or not.
  • Both groups meet again at a natural swimming pool (a beautiful lagoon in the middle of the jungle), for a well deserved rest and bathing (very appreciated to those who took route 1!)
  • We continue our walk in the jungle trails up to the restaurant located at the entrance of the park Gunayara, near the small river. Chicken lunch (delicious!).
  • Going back into the Russian truck down to Jibacoa.
  • Return by bus to the hotel at aproximately 19h00
This excursion is one of our most beautiful memory of our trip, we enjoyed very much the exercise while contemplating a lush vegetation and magnificent landscapes!

By the way, Normand took route 2 and Lily, route 1 :-)

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